10 Ways To Find A Song You Know Nothing About.


Music accompanies us almost always and everywhere. We usually listen to what we like – favorite albums on Spotify, a beloved artist in mp3 files, stimulating the morning / silencing songs in the evening on a popular radio station. 

But we also listen to music involuntarily on the bus, on TV, during the screening, at the hairdresser’s or while shopping in the store, where we hear the sounds sipping in the background selected not by us, but by the owner, seller or marketing department.

Anyway, no matter where, it’s important that sometimes we will catch a piece in our ear, and we don’t know what this artist is, what kind of piece is this, what kind of music it is. How do you find a song we don’t know about? How do you find a song by melody or after a few words? How do you find a song from the radio or television? Here Ungeekit will give some tips to find a best song to hear.

Install the music recognition application.

Applications are good for everything! Of course, there are also those that recognize any song in a few seconds. There are a few of them, incl. Shazam , Soly , Music Recognition , this option is also in Google Music Play. 

Just run the application and hold the phone close to the sound source, and after a while you will receive the result. The application analyzes the sounds of the song and recognizes it if it has it in its recording database.

Record a song. 

You can play the recording with your friends – you can recognize a song or song. You can also upload a recording to AudioTag – you can even recognize the song for a few seconds. You can also paste a link to a recording found on the web in AudioTag. 

Sing or dip what’s in your ear.

The SoundHound app will analyze the melody and give you a list of possible options. Midomi will work similarly on your computer – just remember to turn on the microphone. These programs can easily cope with contemporary songs, but if you wanted to pick a song that your grandfather hummed, it could be a problem;) 

Record the notes or rhythm.

If you know the notes then Musipedia is for you – you can save the melody line, just its outline, or give only the rhythm. Due to the specificity of this tool and the base of works on which it works, you will rather look for instrumental classical music and other types of unpopular music. 

You don’t remember the melody but you remember a few words? Cool!

Enter the words in the search engine and add the word “lyrics” to them. It is best to write the memorized words in quotation marks – this way you will limit the results and it will be easier. 

You don’t remember anything out of context? Try using the search engine.

If you are looking for a song from television / film / advertisement, you should enter a question like “song from ING advertisement” or “song from Big Brother”. You can also try to describe the artist / band that performs the song and pick out the figure and its recordings that will be closest to the remembered details. 

You heard the song on the radio! Oh, it’s the easiest.

Remember the station, day and time, then find the radio page and check its playlist on that day. You can also use the Listened page – here you have all the radio stations in one place. 

Do you listen to music on the internet?

Check what you are currently listening to using a browser plug-in, e.g. AHA Music – Music Identifier . Just press the button during the song and after a while you will receive an answer. 

Looking for music from commercials / movies / games / TV shows?

Here you can try all the methods mentioned earlier. It is worth taking a look at the forums about which I wrote above. You can also search for websites dedicated strictly to advertisements, e.g. TvAdMusic . Check also the mega portal Tunefind – here you will discover everything that appeared, including in movies and games.

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