Best Places to Visit in Qatar

Best Places to Visit in Qatar – Have you ever wondered how life is in the Arabian Peninsula which consists of 7 beautiful countries?

Here, we’ll talk about one of the richest gold coasts of Arabia; Qatar. It’s an amazingly built modern country with Doha being its capital. It holds rich cultural and social values filled with extensive facilities and modernization.

Today, we’ll let you know about the best places to visit in the capital city of Qatar; Doha.

Best Places to Visit in Qatar, They are as follows:

Museum of Islamic Art

This museum showcases an extensive collection of Islamic art from all around the Muslim world. It is built on an island with an extravagant physical structure making it worth a sight. It is a true representation of what the religion of Islam is all about. It covers various categories such as education, libraries, parks, cafes, exhibitions, various collections, etc.

The Pearl – Qatar

This beautiful piece of art is a man-made artificial island located in Doha with magnificent places to visit. It hasluxurious buildings, houses and offices with a well-maintained environment.

The island is extremely clean with beautiful architecture of various buildings, restaurants, designer shops, etc. The whole island is cooled by a central-air-conditioned system and makes your walk exciting with all those massive yachts and buildings.

There’s no doubt about the fact that it is safe and secure, with a wide variety of food and lovely cafes where you can make endless memories.

Doha Corniche

This place is a waterfront promenade that extends up to 7 kilometres along Doha Bay. It is perfect to run and jog around, enjoy the beautiful sight of the sea, boating, to get some fresh air, etc.

All the annual celebrations of the country are celebrated here due to its strong significance and aesthetic views. The best part about the corniche is that you can enjoy it because of the exquisite scenery. It’s open for the public so everyone can chill here for free! Everyone can enjoy it to the fullest.

National Museum of Qatar

The National Museum of Qatar was established and opened in 2019 for the public. This museum is instilled with rich Islamic art exhibited for everyone to learn, explore, and educate themselves.

It has different galleries exhibiting different types of themes that consist of all-encompassing environments. The museum has playgrounds, shops, restaurants, café, and the much-anticipated exhibitions. It also showcases various architectures, collections, different projects, etc. This place brings wonders to someone interested in rich Islamic art.  

Souq Waqif

As they call it the Souq Waqif, it is extensively replenished with shopping options for almost all the categories available. There are so many clothing shops, veil shops, gold souk, falcon souk, pet animal shops, restaurants, tea spots, women entrepreneur stalls, and so much more.

There is an entire market that is dedicated to falconry. Falcons are considered a symbol of loyalty among the Qataris. It is an old tradition to hunt with falcons.

The city of Doha has so many places that tourists can visit, where all age groups can enjoy the optimum!

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In the end, it all comes down to your needs. So, when are you planning a trip to Doha?

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