Botox injections: pros and cons

Botox injections – In today’s world, high demands on appearance. The phrase “everything should be perfect in a person” is becoming especially relevant these days, and, in the pursuit of eternal youth and reference beauty, humanity is simply unstoppable. Scientific progress gives us more and more new techniques with which we hope to stop the inexorable time. Let’s talk frankly about the so-called injections of beauty and youth – Botox injections.

Botox injections are one of those methods of aesthetic microinvasive surgery, the appropriateness of which is especially debatable. So Botox has many different opinions and myths.

“Botox” is the name of the drug company Allergan, a pioneer in the production of Botox. Over time, this word was widely used to refer to a whole group of botulinum toxin preparations (dysport, neuronox, myoblock, etc.)

Botulinum toxin is a poison secreted by the microorganism Clostridium botulinum, recognized as the most potent among all bacterial toxins, taking first place among them. This poison got its name from the Latin word “botulus” – sausage, which is associated with a historical fact, which served as the reason for its discovery. Emil van Ermengems, a student of Robert Koch, identified these bacteria by studying the case of mass poisoning by spoiled sausage. In all the victims, the scientist found similar manifestations: dry mouth, “net” or double vision, impaired swallowing, respiratory failure and a change in facial expressions in the form of a masked face. It became apparent that the toxin ingested by the diet caused a malfunction of the nerve cells responsible for muscle function.

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Modern scientists have managed to capitalize on the undesirable mechanism of action of the toxin of these microorganisms, and in 1960, botulinum toxin was first used to treat strabismus. In 2003, in the USA, Botox was used to correct aesthetic defects, namely, to smooth wrinkles of the nose. From this moment, the popularity of Botox began, which received quite widespread use in medicine.

The therapeutic effect of botulinum toxin can not be overestimated in the treatment of many ailments, such as paralytic strabismus, hemifacial spasm, blepharospasm, spasmodic torticollis, hyperhidrosis and local muscle spasm in adults and children over 2 years of age (including cerebral palsy).

Botulinum toxin is also used in an unequal fight with age. Botox injections achieve correction of facial contours and smoothing of wrinkles of the forehead, corners of the eyes, nose bridge, corners of the lips, etc.

Wrinkles on the face result from contraction of facial muscles, which have one distinctive feature. Unlike skeletal muscles, the contraction of which carries out some kind of movement in space, the facial muscles do not have double attachment to the bones, and are woven into one’s skin with one end. This is exactly what causes wrinkles.

The use of botulinum toxin is spoken of as the prevention of facial wrinkles precisely because, due to the blockade of the nerves that regulate the functioning of certain muscles, the patient is gradually weaned out of using these muscles in facial expressions (squint, frown, etc.). After some time, even without the action of Botox, the effect of smoothing the skin in the place where facial wrinkles should have been formed is achieved. The effectiveness of Botox injections for the correction of wrinkles of a mimic nature is absolutely obvious. Fine wrinkles are smoothed out by 100, and deep ones by 70 percent.

There are many botulinum toxin preparations, but it is necessary to pay attention to those differences that really matter. Not all drugs are registered. Among those with permits are Botox (Allergan), Dysport (Ipsen), Xeomin (Merz), Neuronox (Korea), Lantox (China) and Mioblok (Elan Pharmaceutical). If we compare manufacturers, we can say with confidence that each of them occupies a certain niche in the market, and from the point of view of the ordinary consumer, it is necessary to delve into only those nuances that are important in each particular case. For example, both Botox and Dysport are drugs of famous manufacturers that are similar in price and quality, but the same doctor will recommend one or the other in different cases. An experienced specialist knows that different breeding and, accordingly, and if it is possible to spread in the tissues, these drugs can have either a very limited effect, only at the injection site (botox) or a larger diffusion area (dysport) effect. The first option is ideal for expression wrinkles, where it is necessary to achieve an isolated action, the second is very good for the treatment of hyperhidrosis. However, in the hands of a practicing injector (Botox injection specialist), these differences are still conditional.

The first thing that everyone wants to think of to make Botox injections for themselves is that this substance is still poison. Yes, of course it is. But in principle, all other drugs are also nothing more than dissolved poisons, For example, atropine, which is an alkaloid and is made from dope, is a very serious poison, but used in small doses, it has received widespread use in medicine. In any case, the areas of action of botulinum toxin preparations are so limited, and the doses are so negligible that they can in no way enter the bloodstream and cause a systemic effect.

Botox injections are not painless, it goes without saying. But the sensations are very insignificant, which allows them to be compared with an insect bite.

Botox action is temporary. The effect of denervation of facial muscles lasts from 2 to 8 (on average, 3-6) months. Environmental factors affect the duration of action, namely, high temperature destroys botulinum toxin, which significantly reduces the time it affects the nerve cells.

Botox injections are called the “lunch break procedure” and are justifiably considered a safe method if you follow a number of precautions that you need to be aware of when planning to go to the doctor for this procedure.

Firstly, a specialist (it can be a neurologist, ophthalmologist, dermatologist or plastic surgeon) must undergo special training and have a certificate for the right to administer botulinum toxin, and the institution where the procedure is performed is licensed for medical activity. History knows the deplorable cases when Botox injections were done at home. Fortunately, the effect of the drug is temporary.

Secondly, there is a list of contraindications for the procedure, namely: pregnancy and lactation, acute respiratory viral infections, allergic reactions, inflammatory processes, high myopia, menstruation period. The last point is important, since this is not a prejudice like a ban on hair coloring these days, because the paint “will not take.” On critical days, the permeability of the vessel wall increases dramatically, resulting in increased bleeding and the Botox injection site will be uninsulated. This may entail the risk of spreading its action not only to muscles, the contraction of which is desirable, but also to those nearby, after which the effect can be simply disastrous.

Thirdly, after conducting Botox injections, it is strictly forbidden to touch the injection sites and, especially, to massage them. Within 4 hours after the procedure, it is necessary to maintain a vertical position in order to prevent asymmetric changes.

Well, the last tip. The Botox injection procedure simply cannot be cheap, so the low price and the dubious offer to get the expected result are cheaper than anywhere else, they are just a hint to refuse these services (the cost of the Allergan botox bottle varies around 250 euros).

Nowadays, Botox injections are one of the most popular methods of aesthetic correction. With its help, the prevention of facial wrinkles is carried out and the correction of a cosmetic defect is achieved. However, it will be wrong to compare this technique with other aesthetic medicine procedures, which also have their advantages and disadvantages.

Even there are cons, but pros are there as well. So if you want to buy botox online, you can get in touch with the best providers online.

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