How a car mechanic suddenly got his dream job (Fiction)

April 17, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Business & Services

Every morning, at the rush hours, when most of the people are busy running to their workplaces, some people can be seen doing their regular chores enjoying every bit of that work.

Sometimes, when I leave my house at early hours, I use to notice these people and the beauty with which they are indulged in their small regular chores. These tasks are the only source of their livelihood and give them the bread and butter for their families.

I often see a man doing dusting at the furniture store, a woman sweeping at the coaching center floor, a man placing his selling items on the footpath. All this they do is with the spirit of happiness and charm. When I walk ahead of these regular scenes while moving forward towards my workplace, I see a man enjoying his work on the ground floor of my office building.

After talking to him for a while, I got to know that he was a car mechanic once, but due to his loss of sight, he is no more doing that work nowadays.

Now, what follows is his daily schedule of coming before the whole staff, do all the cleaning, dusting and last but not the least, comes his favourite part of the job.

In this job, he arranges beautiful q-manager posts shining with green colored belts, at the car delivery area outside the showroom.

He makes them stand there like they are standing straight with a proud, a proud of giving happiness to the people who came there to buy a new car.

Moment of pride and happiness is shared between this guy and the q-manager when the receiver’s eyes shine with the joy and the VIP honor they get while standing in that area, specially created for them with these shiny, robust, erect Q-Manager posts.

All I wish for this man is- May this man, get all his wishes fulfilled and may the job he is doing got recognized by more and more persons.


May these Q-Manager products continue spreading smiles to the lives of people.