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Christmas bells are going to ring soon and with the festive spirit all around children likes to visit the malls and markets with their parents. The interesting themes, Santa’s entertaining the kids, and the happiness spread all around make them go crazy, and their mood becomes naughty at times.

One thing that the marketplaces can give to their young patrons as a best Christmas gift is a playing area with interactive and fun-filled games.

Transforming their visiting experience into the fun-filled experience you can mark your place as the most appealing venue where they would love to come during their visit next time.

Let’s see the different play modules that KINDERENA offers to create pleasant kids play area, making your place the major talk of the town.

FUN SYSTEMS– These fun systems are like the real life models of the worldly entities like an airplane, Sports Car, etc. Designed to combine the fun with learning these fun systems from Kinderena helps in improving their imagination skills along with stimulating their mental and physical development.

Attractive graphics printed on the high-quality material makes this product look like real life models and kids love to play and spend their time with these fun systems.

You can place these in the corner of your store or put them in the middle to get more attention of the kids.

FUN BOARDS– Just like the kids play partner in person these fun boards made them busy and indulged while their parents shop at your place. Requiring no extra space to install, these gaming modules can be mounted on the wall or can be integrated into any other FUN SYSTEM from KINDERENA.

These Fun Boards have different interactive games for the kids of various age groups. They can run their little fingers over the colourful beads of Wire Bead Game or do some memory exercise with the Memory Pairing. Other customizable options in the fun boards include Jungle Bug, Crazy Mirror, Fun Character and many others of the same kind.

I-FUN – These I-fun modules from Kinderena are capable of engaging the modern day kids with their engaging educational interface. Touch and Play interface of this module entertain them with some of the exciting games like Crazy Color, Memory Mania, Jigsaw Puzzle, Whack-a-mole, Dress me up and Hunger Ride.

The gaming consoles are made from modern technology, letting the children play with different levels of difficulties in the game.

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