Christmas becoming merrier with Q-Manager

December 21, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Business & Services

Christmas time is the business time for the malls and retail stores. People can be seen walking and enjoying the scenes of beautifully decorated surroundings and Christmas trees during and before some days of the eve.

Especially, the Malls in the cities become the major attraction with their discount offers and beautifully decorated Christmas trees. The lightings, balls, gifts and shiny material over the big Christmas tree in the middle of the floor, make it a major center of attraction for the visitors.

People and Children love to see and have some selfies around the decorated corner. But in their excitement and the magic of the Christmas theme they may sometimes try to troop in the restricted area where the tree is actually placed.

Here Q-Manager is suggesting some ideas for the organisers to handle the crowds milling about in the areas of such malls and Retail Spaces:

  • Cordoning with Belt Posts- Cordon off the areas with the belt posts to restrict the access to the tree area so that no one could touch and ruin the decorated stuff meant for a visual treat of the visitors.
  • Rope Posts for making the way – Direct them to the desired way without uttering a single word. No personnel required for leading them to the particular area meant for Christmas celebrations and advertisement of your business. Rope Post do it all, along with maintaining the decorum with matching colors of the rope.
  • Chain Posts for sectioning the area- Divide the area section wise. Christmas tree in the one, gifts in the other and advertising products in the next. A person wearing the dress of Santa Clause can also entertain in the next section. Organizing and Maintaining Crowd would be easier with this strategic plan.
  • Stand Alone Units for information- Placing the units and printing the information or directions like “Do not touch” or “Merry Christmas to our valuable customers” would make the visitors stand for a while to read the text and conveying your message would be easier than ever.
  • Café Barriers for the advertisement- Place it outside the area and print Christmas celebrations are going on at the venue with the advertisement you want to show along with the message. Attractive looks will surely get the attention of the people passing by the area.
  • Wall Mount Units for smaller spaces-If we talk about retail spaces sometimes the area becomes the issue for executing the promotional festive plan. Wall mounts do the same task as other crowd control and queue management stanchions but demand much lesser space.
  • Merchandising bowl for the Santa stuff- Last but not the least Kids are the valuable asset of any business and making them happy on the special day of Christmas is as necessary as any other promotional activity. Putting some colourful candies in the merchandising Bowl and appointing a friendly Santa to offer the same will make all the kids happy at your place.

So, visit today to make the Christmas of your customers- A truly Merry Christmas!!

Resource:  Christmas becoming merrier with Q-Manager