Classic Rope Posts- ensuring Safety and Crowd Control at Navratri

October 4, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Business & Services


Navratri, a well-known and well-celebrated festival from Hindu calendar in India has been waiting for a long time by the devotees.

People like to celebrate this festival with much devotion and zeal. Hence, the equal crowd can be witnessed both in Temples and the gyrating Garbha-Dandia Events.

One can easily see the crowds eager to do the Darshan’s of their beloved Goddess in the temples and the crowds that throng the venues for dancing and enjoying on Dandia and Garbha tunes.

Every year, this time around, the profit generation of event organisers grows by a significant number, and this is the time when they got to build their brand name by taking appropriate steps for customer satisfaction as most food, event hosting and shopping centre businesses take a hit during these days.

This Nine Nights Dance Festival is an opportunity for the business holders to capture the market by evaluating, prioritizing and selecting the ideas that can maximize the outturn.

Here we bring you these ideas which you can select and prioritize according to your requirements. Let’s take a look-

  1. Make proper security arrangements.
  2. Food options as per fasting rituals.
  3. Arrangement of experienced Event Technician.
  4. Proper Promotion of your event.
  5. Prior Idea of approximate footfall.
  6. Intelligent use of Merchandise.
  7. Using crowd control procedures like Classic Rope Barrier.

Rope Post is an exclusive category of Q-Manager which are elegant and durable to ensure the safety of your visitors in this event season.

Crafted with high standards of quality and available in four variants this Rope Post from Q-Manager is absolutely easy to install and maintain.Visit for more options in Security Rope Post.So that you also can rub your hands with glee after the Lakshmi Maa showers her blessing on your business.


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