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When it come to workout there are ample of exercises available for a human body, but every exercise have its own importance and it will effect a particular part of our body. thus exercise is very essential for a human body in regards of fitness and preventing from harmful diseases. a healthy body always has a healthy mind. and to grow healthy body one must stick to particular exercise regime with particular diet plans.

people are hitting gym, running ,swimming or choosing any sport are all effect your body with healthy mind.and all these activities have different effect on different part of our body .but to know which exercise are the best or which exercises will effect our complete body development. here in this blog will tell you best exercises for complete body development and how to perform.

1.Push ups :

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Push-ups are most effective and complete body exercise .while doing push-ups  you are working on various body parts of your body like (chest, triceps, shoulders and core)  so this simple exercise is most effective for complete body development and one can perform it anywhere any time  and can increase repetition according to their strength and stamina.

2. Squats : 

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Another basic and most effective exercise is squats .you can perform this exercise anywhere any time. this exercise will help you to develop strength at lower body part most. while doing squats you will work on hams, legs, glutes and core and will work on upper body part also if work properly using weights. thus squats are another best exercise for complete body development.

3.  Burpees:

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Burpees are another most effective complete body exercises. while performing burpees you not only strength your body but also increase your body stamina. start in a standing position and do push-ups while taking push up position move your legs inside and do squats and stand again with clapping. perform this exercise for complete body development. this exercise will effect your shoulders, legs, hams and most important core so it’s a complete body exercise.

4. Deadlift :

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dead lift is most effective and old-school exercise to perform.this is the best exercise for complete body development. perform this exercise in aright way and it will effect your body properly with good results. but any wrong techniques will harm your back for a lifetime. this exercise will effect your forearms, shoulders, core legs,hams,gluts  and back.

above all exercise are the most effective and complete body exercise for human body .in one single exercise you will generate immense strength, stamina ad power and increase your repetition according to your strength and stamina.these are the basic and most important exercise which you can perform any time anywhere either using weights or without weights depending on strength. all gym lovers and athletes are using and performing these activities at its best.

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