Display Manager Triggering the Impulse Sales

December 16, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Business & Services

Coming Christmas

Display Manager Triggering the Impulse Sales

Christmas is ready to bring colorful themes and happy times around the place. And the retail owners must be ready to “wow” the visitor and customers at their stores. This is the time to get the benefit of impulse sales by implying proper sales and display strategies by presenting the merchandising in an efficient way.

Let’s see how you can redefine your store this Christmas by Display Manager and get the most out of it:

  1. Chocolate Racks– Demand of the chocolates increase significantly during Christmas time. Everyone likes to receive and gift chocolates to the near and dear ones. Placing a stack or rack like Alligator Stand can give them the goals to add some chocolates on their grocery list.
  1. Santa Caps– Kids love Santa and wearing the Santa cap on Christmas is a common fun way for the enjoying people.You can put these Santa caps in the Dump Bins near the sales counter.
  1. Small Christmas Trees– Decorating a one for your own house may be there in your family tasks list and why not helping others to do so by selling these small pre decorated Christmas trees in your store. You can display these cute and bright trees in the Stall bins or Broom stands from Display Manager. Storing space varies according to the size of the Christmas trees. Maybe you can also find other solutions from our store.
  1. Gift Packs from the Santa– You can offer bulk gifts covered in colorful packaging and display them in the Cage Pallet or Stackable Basket from the house of Display Manager.
  1. Flea Market in the Corner– Everyone loves the flea market and especially if we talk about the ladies they just can’t resist stopping once for the inspection. Dump Bins or Stall Bins Full of fun things at a discount will certainly attract and compel your customers to buy things.
  1. High Margin Products– Putting your highest margin products in the stall bins and Alligator Stand can make you eligible for getting rid of those slow moving but profit giving products in your store.

This way using these exemplary products from Display Manager you can get the focus of your customers on the things you wish them to see and buy.

Just positions these display and storage products in the high traffic area of your place and rest attention they will grab themselves. Adding a small signage can also help in attracting more people.

For knowing more details and usage of our products, you can contact us on +91-9910398700 or email us at info@displaymanager.in.