Impact of Ever-Changing Road Rules on Cars & Drivers

It’s obvious that driving rules are always changing which makes it difficult for drivers to keep up. However all these frequent changes are meant for safety of drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and cars! Most unfortunate is the rising number of injuries and road traffic accident every year since people prefer driving on their own rather than travelling in public transport. 

Apparently the increasing number of cars led to traffic jams and rash driving further fuel crashes and devastating road incidents. Although we are to blame, car tyres, headlights, brake lights and various other specific functions also contribute to overall safety and driving experience. Read on to know how you can safely drive as per the ever changing road laws.

Never Drive When Tired

Driving whilst tired or during headache isn’t preferred as it directly impacts on the reaction time, crucial for safety. Paying attention to whatever’s happening on the road is also difficult whereas drowsy driving can be nearly as dangerous as being drunk. Always keep yourself away from factors that increase the likelihood of accidents and roadside hazards.

Always Respect the Speed Limit

Its obvious speed limits are meant for your safety and of others which is why drivers should stick to it. Speedy and rogue driving is among the leading causes of fatal accidents and collisions on the road which makes it extremely important to keep your adrenaline behind the wheel in control and drive sanely, within the defined speed limits.

Be Vigilant of the Surrounding

Indeed, driving requires a lot of concentration as you need to constantly think about whatever’s happening behind you, on the left and right side, in front and if you’re actually driving in the lane. Always keep in your lane, keep your eyes open of the surrounding, be active to take prompt decision or imminent move in case of an emergency on the road and all. 

This is one reason for you to remain active of whatever’s happening around your driving perimeter so as to take timely decision. Always need considerable space between your car and the one’s in front just in case there’s a need to apply brakes all of a sudden.

Just be Safe

Safety is above everything else! When on the road, driver along with the passengers in the car should keep their seatbelts fastened all the time or at least wherever necessary. If you’re travelling with children or an infant, be sure to know the seatbelt and relevant safety laws per their age and height. Pets should be restrained in the car so as to prevent any distraction or unlikely event while driving. Cats, dogs and likewise animals should be kept in travel carrier whilst in the car which is crucial for their own safety as well.

Take example of the UK where license-holders need to consider the following:

  • Lower the speed limit when driving in a trafficked area and cut the alcohol intake completely.
  • When driving with a new or inexperienced driver, limit the number of passengers for maximum safety.
  • Always drive with car tyres having the tread depth as per the law.

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