Knowing Multiple Languages Will Pay You High Income

Knowing Multiple Languages Will Pay You High Income

As world is going global and globalization is preveling in every country so as per the demands of jobs. And plethora of jobs are waiting for people who know multiple languages. Market demand of multiple languages like French, German, Japnese, Spanich, Chinese etc are increasing rapidly. Lots of big companies are rolling out there gateway in our country and giving golden opportunities to people who knows multiple languages other than Hindi & English.

There are around more than 50,000 jobs available in market for language specialists across various sectors such as tourism,hospitality, hotels, news agencies, interpreters, translators  and many more .every sector is expanding there platforms and many big techies in India now started muliple language training session for there employess .

According to survey learning Foreign languages are increasing year by year . There is a huge demand in foreign languages in job portals . The main reason behind increasing in learning of foreign languages are high pay scale . Not only in India but language experts can also find new apportunities in other countries related to tour guides, news agencies , foreign embessies .

Jobs that require knowledge of global languages are on the rise and companies are more than willing to pay huge amount for desrving candidates.

Take for instance the job in India for freshers of any gratuate will end up getting INR 3.0 lakh per annum. And while getting 3-4 years of experience he/she will get a package of INR 4.5 lakh per annum. And if you are a language expert and have knowledge of any foreign language with any gratuate degree is applicable for INR 5 lakh per annum and will go up to 8 lakh per annum. So ,here you can imagine a carrear growth in both the platforms.

Benifits of learning multiple languages : 

So, according to survey through infographic 98% people get exprtise in multiple language to grow there career and getting high pay .its clearly shows that since 1975 to 2009 the growth in internation students increased from 50 lakh to 4 cr . A huge diffrence and huge gigantic growth  .

97% people feel that knowing another language makes travelling to other countries easier . Yes, its right suppose you have to travel other country for a business meetings and you dont know about there language then it could be a problm facing situation. So ,definately knowing multiple languages will increase your awareness about other countries .

95% people feel learning another language will increase there mind power. Many people found this thing correct that learning diffrent language will increase 4 times brain power and increase there concentration which ultimately leads to increase in remembering the things.


Coming to investment part. Many people have triggered a question in there mind that how much investment i have to do, to learn another language ? it all depends on which type of institution they choose . It starts from INR 50,000 and  The price may go up to 1 lack . And rest of the thing depends on your learning , cathching power and time spend. So it all depends on you . There are apmle of institutions are available in market and in this current senario , where competition is high only the strongest will survive . So, knowing another language will definately help you out in your career. So, boost your career by getting multiple language expertise .

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