Let Q-Manager Manage the Holiday Crowd in Your Space

The first National Holiday of 2016 has boarded on the cart and will be soon reaching at our doorsteps, loaded with full of enthusiasm, patriotism and celebration zeal. And…And…And!! Exciting super sales at various hypermarkets, retail chains and traveling coupons offered by transportation industry are adding to the holiday fervor.It surely is fun for the customers but a serious challenge for the shopping outlets and transportation industry to productively deal with anonymous and random crowd rushing into their spaces with holiday mood oozing out like anything.

Shopping malls, airports, railway stations, super markets all remain extremely busy with heavy footfall during this peak time of Republic Day. Predominantly, crowd management and security are the two things these business houses are concerned for. Here, Q-Manager comes into play while offering you the most effective crowd control solutions with a wide range of its versatile and resilient crowd barriers, belt posts, chain and rope stanchions and many more.

We have the just right solution to manage crowd and maintain decorum at your cash counters, security checks, entry and exit points and enquiry counters without putting the working staff and customers into pain. Q-Manager deliver maximum convenience and productive outcome while consuming minimum of floor space and human effort. Easy to install and replace, high on durability and functionality, these multipurpose queue managers effortlessly manage crowd by maintaining orderly flow of queues, guiding people to right directions and lines, engaging them in in-queue merchandising activities and lot more.

Our Retractable belt posts, double belt posts,Classic chain and rope posts andcafé barriers are great barriers to cordon off areas, restrict entries and to form queues instantly without offending customers. Guide the eager public properly with the right piece of information, notifications, directions and important messages can be best served with our Sign Holders during peak festive days. Skyrocket your impulse sales with intelligent queuing and in-line merchandising idea, using intriguing merchandising bowls. Put discount coupons, gift vouchers, and complementary accessories into these bowls and mount them on belt posts in queues where customers can easily access them.

Q-Manager manufactures specially designed crowd control equipment which blends well with all interior decoration schemes lending more interesting ambiance to every venue. We also offer customized belt printing as per clients’ requirements that facilitate them in promotion and branding. We maintain the right mood of holiday both for customers and industries by altering chaotic conditions into systematic ones. Controlling crowd in the best possible manner, we ensure absolute safety to customers and employees and thus optimize serviceability, customer experience and efficiency. OC�tp��1�2�

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