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Q-Manager is the most trusted name in crowd control and space management industry since 2004, courtesy its revolutionary Queue Manager and Crowd Control products. Pioneer in offering impeccable solution for queuing, public guidance, safety and crowd management, Q-Manager has evolved as a trendsetter in queue management throughout Asia and Middle East.

Q-Manager has been delivering utility and feasibility to all the industries with its innovative products and practical solutions. Following parallel steps with advanced technologies and marketing strategies, Q-Manager feels immense pleasure in introducing its other product ranges like Display Manager, Kinderena, and Eco Elegant in the present market. Adhering modern communicating trends and marketing strategy, Q-Manager also focus on giving the branding opportunities through its products to the various corporate clients.

With enormous features and usability at its most, the Q-Manager aims to give every place a well-managed and controlled view. The experienced customer service representatives are ever ready to provide every requisite information related to products, services, terms and conditions in detail.

Clients can reach to us with the varied methods online and offline with easy approach and in their own comfortable mode. Q-Manager has been consistently working to ensure ease and productivity to its clients and public and will be using the same approach in its upcoming projects as well.

Q-Manager’s official, promotional and product installation videos can be made available to you on request and they represent a clearer side of how to use or install Q-Manager and its exclusive range of products in an easy way.

The most popular range of Q-manager consists of:

Retractable Belt Post: From Queuing to Branding, Q-Manager® Retractable Belt Posts are high on versatility and portability. Available in Powder Coated, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Brass & Gold Finish, these Belt Posts can be used at any place with heavy footfall.

Classic Rope Post: Perfect for exclusivity and classic ambience scenarios, Q-Manager® Classic Velvet Rope Posts will bring an aura of beauty along with a sense of security to the places like movie halls, VIP parties or Reception Counters etc.

Classic Chain Post: Now barricade off public areas, driveways, lawns, metro stations, airports, malls, hotels, movie theaters, and more with Q-Manager® Classic Chain Posts. It will ease out the queuing process while managing innumerable public at a time.

Double Belt Post: Q-Manager® Double Belt Posts are the perfect solution for guiding your guests/customers in an organized manner without the chances of tripping over or crossing over by an undisciplined crowd. It also prevents children from decking underneath the belt barriers.

Café Barriers:Designed with a large interactive and visible message placed between two stanchions, Café Barriers can also be used for branding a product or display a message about an event at places like Open Cafes, or Places that require sectioning for the visitors.

So, be the part of our family and help make this world organized and managed everywhere.

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