Playing kids with special needs

December 2, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Entertainment

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Kinderena, breaking the barriers of disabilities and celebrating the unique abilities.

Every child’s favourite time is the play time, but the child with some special needs (be it physical, emotional or intellectual) get lesser exposure and opportunities to play than those of their peers leading the normal life with normal abilities.

With their different playing priorities, some intervention of adults is needed to help them get the better experience. But giving them a healthy play time at your place (mall, hospital, retail, restaurant, etc.) with their peers will not only give you a chance of doing the good deed for someone but will also make their parents feel relaxed and thankful to you.

KINDERENA is trying to break the barriers and create an accessible range of gaming modules for these special kids and a ray of happiness both for them and their parents.

Let’s see how KINDERENA and you can make the contribution in commemorating this world’s disability day 2016:

Easily Accessible: Installing the Fun Boards and I-Fun at an appropriate height so as the children with a wheelchair can also access the games easily.

Researched and Planned: KINDERENA games are well researched and planned to be designed by keeping all children in mind.

Less Exertion: The games are indoor games and can be played while sitting also. Adapting their age and exertion level requirement they aim at providing fun to every child involved.

Intellectual Skills: The games from KINDERENA aims at developing their numerical abilities and other cognitive, analytical intellectual skills.

Getting Social– Playing with other kids will make them feel like they are the part of this social circle and will help in building their confidence.

Imagination Capabilities– the FUN SYSTEMS from KINDERENA are the real life models which triggers the imagination of kids, and they get engrossed in their different fantasy world.

Perceiving Capabilities-The games are designed by keeping the capabilities of the particular age group in mind which helps in enhancing the perceiving skills of kids, and they find it easy to relate things in a better way.

This way joining hands with us and commemorating this World’s Disability Day on 3rd December 2016 together can certainly help in removing the barriers and make their lives better with inclusivity and accessibility to the remaining society.

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