Thrilling and Adventure Activities In And Around Bangalore

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Adventure Activities In And Around Bangalore

Bangalore, the city of gardens, has something more to offer than beautiful parks and lakes. If you are an adventure lover, Bangalore has lots of activities for you. Let’s find out about the best and the most thrilling things to do in Bangalore that will pep you up and offer you an experience of a lifetime.

1. Trekking
With many mountain ranges and hills around Bangalore is a haven for trekkers. To quench your thirst for adventure and flex your muscles a bit try trekking at Kunti Beta, Savandurga or Ramnagara.

2. Kayaking
Just think of a single person on a narrow boat, enjoying the risky ride on a kayak. Try Kayaking in Bheemeshwari or on the River Sharavathi for a great experince.

3. Caving
Caving meanings exploring caves, its a way to know how it feels to be inside a cave. A chance to feel how the ancient people lived in caves. Anthargange is the ideal location for this activity.

4. Bamboo rafting
Another hallmark of the adventure that thrives in Bangalore. Leaving behind the moorings of industrialization The Barpole River near Bangalore is great place for indulging in this exhilarating activity. If you are a newbie its important go for rafting with the help of a certified trainer.

5. High Rope traversing
Out of the many adventurous things to do in Bangalore high rope traversing is one thing that will test your strength and courage.  Bheemeshwari and Ramnagar are the two most sought after destinations for High Rope Traversing.

6. ATV  Ride
ATV stands for all terrain vehicles. You zoom through the natural and uneven paths of mud and untamed forests, at a high speed as per your comfort.  The best place for ATV or Quad biking in Bangalore is at The Sporty Phoenix.

7. Wall climbing
If you want to prove yourself brave, go ahead. Artificial walls that are designed like rocky mountains are thrown open before you. Enjoy this activity at Urban Climbers in Srajpura Road and Genthaa Wall at Kanteerva.

8. Rock Climbing
Try  rock climbing at Turahalli located at Kanakapura Roa. A perfect place for rock climbing enthusiasts. The hill here only looks formidable, but it is easy to scale. To try more challenging climbing you can head to Savandurga hills.

9. Archery
You need not be a sports person to try out this ancient art. Today its a  game, but this was one of the means of warfare in the ancient times. Better try it and enjoy it while in Bangalore.

10. Microlight Flying
Enjoy the thrill & excitement of flying like a bird and learn how to fly. All this is possible with  microlight flying on STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) aircraft at Jakkur Aerodrome. Take the seat of a co-pilot and feel the controls of an aircraft with an experienced pilot by your side.

If you love outdoors and adventure do not miss out any out any of these. Give your mind and body a super adrenaline rush next time you plan a day in Bangalore.

Resource: Brandife