Why Low Prices are Not Always Good?


You might be well aware of the importance of quality products in your life. But there are the times when we prefer cost over quality and take our decision on the basis of the price of that product. But, do you really know what a cheap brand with cheap price and poor quality products can do with your life??

Have a look-

Before purchasing a product,

What do you look for???

–    Appearance

–    Specification

–    Durability

–    Quality

–    Service

–    Warranty


This Price is one of the most prioritized elements in today’s expensive world. Cheap Price may look appealing for once but unknowingly direct you towards an extreme risk and long term money loss. Let’s take an example of some of the products from your day to day life-

1.    Mobile

Copy brand offers similar appearance, features, configuration and product specifications on papers. But all of us know that the reality is entirely different and this is the risk you are putting yourself into!!!

2.    Shoes

Equally stylish but with cheap quality. This will risk your safety, you can slip or trip and it will also be a repetitive expense as they will not last long as opposed to quality shoes. Once spent well is better than spending again and again in short amounts.

3.    Tyre

Same sizes and appearance with lucrative offers and pricing but Poor in quality, experience and low on reliability. You cannot rely on a bad quality tyre, when it is about you, your family and your beloved vehicle.

Similarly, other cheap brands boast about the quality plus lucrative offers but in reality, nothing is as good as they say.

Now coming to our product i.e. Q-Manager, you may encounter similar products which might be monetarily and visually appealing to you but could be disastrous at the quality. We suggest you make a wise choice, don’t put your life at risk, don’t put public safety at risk and set your priorities right.

Act wisely, so that you need not to pay for paying less.

Queue posts of cheap quality-

•    Poor quality, can’t stand the rough conditions

•    Similar in appearance only but with the vast difference in features

•    Cheap Price but recurring expenses to maintain

•    Usability compromised

•    0% quality –0% safety

Q-manager Queue Posts

•    High quality and tough even in extreme conditions

•    100% quality tested and approved

•    100% safety standards followed and complied

•    No recurring costs involved over the time

•    Competitive Prices with the best safety Features

Features Q-manager Stanchions Low Quality Stanchions
Price Competitive Low Budget
Quality Authentic Cheap
Pre-sales support Limited network Wide network
Post sales High accountability Customer negligence/ Sorry! Who are you……?
Environment compliances 90% 0
Safety Complies as per stringent norms and regulations Never a priority
Durability Long lasting Out of question!

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