Why Should Schools Install KINDERENA in Classrooms?


As a kid, you must have enjoyed playing games with your friends or sometimes alone too. These games not only help in the growth both mentally and physically but also are helpful in the number of other development sections of little kids. They aid in triggering social responsibility among kids, help them understand their surroundings, the world and the natural human behaviour.

When the children get to play with their fellow friends in the classrooms, the games act as a unique and engaging instructional tool for them. And hence this ultimately attract the kids to come to school regularly for those fun-filled game sessions with Kinderena.

Whether it is related to teaching the colours, numbers or the co-ordination skills, KINDERENA games are designed in a way to impart all necessary skills among the kids of age group 2-8 years.

After installing KINDERENA at your school, you will often hear the sentences like – “I don’t want to go home.” “When will we play this again?” “I Love My School.” Etc.

Top Reasons Behind Why Should Schools Install KINDERENA in Classrooms?

1. Learning becomes easier with KINDERENA- Learning while Playing is an easy way to keep your students engaged in the learning process. They will easily understand the concepts with a playful perspective and the rules will run smoothly that automatically passes on among the group members.

2. Engagement is the best way to keep them active- The kids usually get bored very soon and when it is related to workbooks and lessons, they are a lot more boring than we can imagine. So why not introduce them with engaging real-life like structure games or board games to easily practice lessons while playing their favourite games.

3. Improved Social Interaction- Imagine your first day at any place. It is often filled with nervousness and mixed emotions. Same is with a kid going to school for the first time. The games, when installed at schools, can give a relaxing environment to the kids and thus help them increase interaction among the fellow classmates and teachers.

4. Safe and Hygienic- All Kinderena Modules are made keeping safety and hygiene factors in mind. These are Bureau Veritas Certified for Child Safety and Conform to EN 71-1, 2 and 3 and IS 9873 -1, 2, and 3 toy safety standards.

5. Co-ordination and Bond among teachers and students- Games let the children and teachers develop a special bond. And hence it becomes easy for them to coordinate on different tasks.

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