Amazon Fire 7 (2019) review


With the new Amazon’s offering, Fire 7 (2019), the first thing that hits the brain is the value it comes at. Coming at the price of only $50, the Amazon Fire 7 (2019) is a just for the ones looking at the budget constraint and looking for a tablet to read a book and watch the YouTube streams. If you look at the likes of $1000 above iPad Pro, this device takes you to a whole different league. But, it all comes at some compromises- not some but a lot of compromises. That’s why, you get an affordable tablet with best Kindle reading experience. So, is it worth spending $50 on this device? Let’s check it out in the Amazon Fire 7 (2019) review below:

Design and Display

The Amazon Fire 7 (2019) looks good and thickly coated in rubber which makes it robust and it will be very tough to break it. The screen is surrounded by the good-sized bezel and doesn’t look appealing at all. The brand has not gone with USB-C port but instead given a micro-USB outdated port. The device is easy to handle and comfortable in one hand. On the retractable flap, there is a MicroSD slot. Amazon Fire 7 (2019) is not a waterproof device! So, don’t even think to take it in water. Although, you get a volume rocker, a 3.5mm headphone port and a power button along with the microSD card. Giving volume rockers on the top of the device is something which will surely irritate you a lot. It is a great device when it comes to durability and giving comfort to hands. You can buy electronics items online using Lenovo coupons with great deals.

Coming to the display, the Amazon Fire 7 (2019) packs a 7-inch IPS LCD display with 1024 x 600 pixel resolution. And, trust me- it is one of the worst screens which you will see on the tablets. But, getting this quality of the screen on the tablet worth $50 is not something unreasonable. Talking about the regular usage, you won’t feel any issues reading e-books on this slate.


Under the hood, the Amazon Fire 7 (2019) has a 1.32GHz MediaTek MT8163 quad-core chipset paired with 1GB of RAM. The device performs well when it comes to reading ebooks and playing videos on this device. Talking about the Geekbench scores, this Amazon’s Fire 7 (2019) model scored 646 in the single-core and 1,844 in the multi-core test. This is comparatively very less than the Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017) which scored 1,204 and 3,305 points respectively. Although, it is an improvement to the last Amazon Fire 7. This device is best at Kindle-ing and you can flip through the pages ultrafast. Also, playback is really cool when it comes to YouTube, Netflix, and Prime Video streaming.

The new Amazon Fire 7 (2019)  comes with a new hands-free version of its virtual assistant, Alexa. The new model is an enhanced functional version of the Amazon Echo Show.


Talking about the camera, the Amazon Fire 7 (2019) packs a 2MP rear camera which is a useless addition on this $50 slate. Why would someone even use it? We are getting stunning camera sensors on our smartphone, so why go for this poor camera sensor. And, it can be seen that Amazon knew from scratch that people won’t use this camera sensor. That’s why, the brand has not invested much on it. On the front, there is a 2MP selfie shooter which is a bit convenient for video calls usage.

Battery life

Amazon Fire 7 (2019) is having terrible battery life, period! It chews up electricity like termites decaying wood. You won’t even get a full day of usage on a single charge- such horrendous it is! The device can max give you nine to ten hours of usage even on reading through the Amazon Kindle app. Turn off your WiFi and the battery might boost a bit! You can also apply for Software Tester jobs to know about this field.

Full Verdict

The Amazon Fire 7 (2019) is a nice choice for anyone who loves to read on the tablets and watch videos on it. For a low budget tablet, this one does everything right- from giving the best Kindle-ing experience to streaming videos. You can fill the space up with your extended microSD card too and it gives you everything in line with the price tag associated with it. Comparing it to high-priced iPad will not be justice to this device as it is not as free-flowing in terms of performance. Still, it is a nice device to have which you are getting at a very low price- that too by a brand like Amazon.

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