Best Fitness tips for Men

Best Fitness tips for Men

Everyone loves fitness

Everyone loves fitness.for this people do various activities and excercises in gym ,but one should know the basic and right approach to achieve there goals .in this particular blog we will tell you about the basic techniques or best fitness tips .many people go to gym and not getting the right results beacause of lack of basic here we comes up with best fitness tips


The basic and best part of excercise is streching.most people go to gym and pump up there bodies with weights and forget about streching part.which is very eseential as it opens the flexibilty portion of your  ody thus restrai  your body parts from any kind of injury while performing excercise.

The best way to approach your stretches is to warm up for at least three minutes and then use dynamic stretches such as trunk rotations, side bends, and abdominal stretches.

2. Hydrate

hydrate your body as much as you can .drink plenty of water specially in summers and if you are performing excercises ,beacuse while excercise your body water will swept out through sweating and it decrese your body water level .Your body is 60% water; so not drinking enough can lead to dehydration, energy loss and a variety of other issues. The average man should drink 3.7 liters a day, but you may need more when you exercise.

3.Variations : 

Try to impliment diffrent variations in your workout routine and it will provide better results to your body. beause if your performing same monotonous excercise routine it will bive you same results everytime.Your body is surprisingly good at adapting.

Never be afraid to change the order of your workout, swap days or even do something completely different. Keeping active and challenging yourself is what will make sure you achieve your goals. Like hill climbing ,running ,swimming etc

4. Commitment:

Most important part of your daily routine workout is make a target or goal .commitments make your goals achieve and gave you better results .example you are running 2km daily for an hour dry to make commitment to yourself for running 2km in half an hour it will dirctly sends signals to your brain and your body will get message to run faster in a given time line .this is how we use our commitments for good results.

Pick the time when you are most energetic and stick to it. One of the best ways to get workout success is through building a habit.

5. Diet

what you eat is directly reflect on your body and after workout eat a heathy diet specially protien rich diet and if you take a proper balanced diet all day your body will show good results .Think about the food you eat; it has a direct effect on your energy levels and the efficiency of your muscles when working out. A balanced diet ensures your body has all the right nutrients to maintain energy levels and minimize fat storage.

Avoiding processed foods and eating fewer calories than you actually need, will lead to weight loss success. More calories can help muscle building but lose the excess weight first! Instead of grabbing a takeaway or frozen ready meal at the end of a busy day, prepare your meals for the week in one go; this will ensure you eat healthily

6. Rest

The most important factor in your daily workout routine is proper sleep and rest. Sleep /rest is the time when your body heals itself, corrects hormone levels and builds muscles. Getting between 6 and 8 hours a day will help to ensure you have the energy for your workout and get the best possible results.if you are not taking a proper rest after workout your will not be able to build new muscles and you still feel restless and fatique all over the day.

So  these are some basic tips for fitness.

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