Dustbin Range for Different Areas


Clean Surroundings are what we often seek when in stress or during common times as well. And living in a clean place makes us feel relieved and calm even during the most tensed scenarios.

What all it takes to make a space look clean?

The answer is – Only a right dustbin and a habit to put everything into it.

Various places require different types of dustbins according to the particular type of generated waste. Like for example, the homes consist of certain waste in the form of kitchen leftovers, papers, wrappers etc. The offices usually have the waste in the form of papers only. The factories also do have rather a different kind of waste material like raw materials etc.

Thus in order to organise these various places, the choice of the right dustbin matters a lot.

Available in different sizes and cost range, you have a wide range of options to decide from. So choose the one that best suit the needs of your place. Because it is only “YOU” who knows your place and its needs better than anyone else.

To help you in the decision, here we are listing the most selling products in the Dustbin Category from Eco-Elegant. Take a look and decide which one do you need for your organized place-

  1. Stainless Steel Dustbin – Available in the variations of 20 Ltr. 25 Ltr. And 30 Ltr. capacity, these stainless steel dustbins are strong and durable for indoor usage. The material used in these SS Bins and the designs chosen for the built makes them stay odor free and sturdy for a long time.
  2. Perforated Dustbin- You can get these perforated bins in the choice of 5 Ltr, 7 Ltr and 11 Ltr. They are perfect to store dry waste like dirty clothes, papers, tissues and other solid things.
  3. Pedal Bin With Perforation – Just press the pedal and it will be wide opened for you. Adding to the convenience of waste disposal, these bins are also available in 5 Ltr, 7 Ltr and 11 Ltr variation.
  4. Pedal Bin Without Perforation – Giving you the benefits same as written above, the pedal bins without perforation, adds a choice to put any type of waste material into them.
  5. Push Bin – With the wide holding capacity and portability for the easy use, the Push Bins are meant to open the lid without much efforts. Just push the lid with minimal effort and you will be able to put the waste into it with ease. The lid will automatically come back to its place, once you are done with your task. These are available in 07 Ltr and 11 Ltr Capacity at Eco-Elegant.
  6. 6. Swing Bin – These Bins hold swing mechanism in their lids and thus allows you to easily dispose of the waste while providing you with the properly covered way to store unwanted waste. They are also available in 07 Ltr and 11 Ltr Range.
  7. SS Outdoor Bin – Made from two widely used materials, SS202 and SS304, the SS Outdoor Bins are strong and sturdy to withstand various weather conditions. One can use them at outside premises of offices, playgrounds, gardens, schools, colleges etc. You can order this SS Outdoor Bin in 100 Ltr Capacity.
  8. FRP Dustbin – Either Order them in Single, Dual, triple or Dual type, the FRP Dustbins from Eco-Elegant are good enough to be used both indoor and outdoor. The lightweight material makes us able to move them anywhere we want for the comfort use.

So, have you made the decision that which one would be perfect for your place? Order them directly from http://ecoelegant.in/

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