How to Do Your Own Makeup for a Fancy Event

Doing your own makeup is impressive because you get to create a look that defines your true self. However, it can be hard to do your own makeup, especially when you are going to a special event. Fortunately, this guide helps you get that luxurious look within a short amount of time.

Prepping your Skin

If you want to have that expensive final makeup look, your first step should be prepping your skin. Prepping your skin helps all your makeup products settle in smoothly and last for long. Before applying your makeup, cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser to remove excess oils and impurities.

For a smoother look, wear a leave-on mask for fifteen minutes. Remove the hydrating mask, and apply a moisturizer that works for your skin type. Use an oil-free and non-comedogenic moisturizer to prevent clogged up pores. Apply an eye cream after the moisturizer. Let these products settle for about a minute before moving to the next step.


Priming is usually done before applying the foundation to help the makeup last longer. Also, it reduces the exposure of your bare skin to makeup products. Primers of different skin types exist. Therefore, if you have oily skin, apply a matte primer.

Apply only a few dots as it’s only supposed to be light on your face. If you are using a spray primer, go in with a light hand. Try to avoid applying it on the eyelids because you will use an eyelid primer before applying your eyeshadow. Let the primer sit in for a few minutes before applying foundation.


Apply a few pumps of foundation on your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Use a beauty sponge, your fingers, or brush to blend it to the whole face. Makeup is an art, which means it doesn’t have rules. Therefore, don’t be subjected to a specific makeup tool that everyone is using online; use the one that gives you a smooth look.

Blend the foundation outwards from the center of your face towards the ears. Use the right shade of foundation, one that matches your chest. Do not forget to blend towards your jawline and down to your neck.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get a good foundation, especially if you have dry skin. Many excellent drugstore foundations for dry skin exist in the market. The foundation that you use should be matte if you don’t want a shiny look. However, if you want your skin to glow, use a dewy foundation.


Highlighting your face is the best step of doing fancy makeup. Apply a few dots of concealer under your eyes, at the bridge of your nose, around your mouth, and on the forehead. Damp a beauty blender using your setting spray, and use it to blend the concealer.

Use a light hand when blending because too much pressure can lead to lines showing up over your makeup. You can also use your middle finger to blend the concealer. Use a concealer that matches your skin tone and one that blends easily with your foundation.

Setting Powder

Setting powder is used to set your concealer to prevent it from creasing. Use powder that matches your skin color. However, if it’s too late to find the right powder, use translucent loose powder.

Apply the powder to all the spots that you highlighted using the concealer. Use a clean brush to mix everything as this will prevent flashbacks when you are taking flash photos.

Smoke Out Your Eyes

Before giving your face its final touches, accentuate your eyes using an eyeshadow. Apply an eye primer, and blend it all over your eyelids. Let it sit for a few minutes to settle uniformly on your eyelids. The eye primer allows your eyeshadow to last longer.

Many different color combinations work for a fancy event. Choose color combinations that make your eye color pop. Do not be afraid to use shimmery and metallic colors. Apply a neutral eyeshadow to your upper eyelid, and then blend it into the crease using an eyeshadow brush.

Apply a darker shade in your crease and blend it with the neutral color to get a uniform look. For a fancy look, apply shiny whites, light browns, or peaches in the inner corners of your eyes.

After the eyeshadow has been nicely applied, highlight your upper eyelids using an eyeliner. Apply the eyeliner above your lash line; you can draw a wing for a fancy effect. Apply an eye pencil on your under waterline and follow it with an eyeshadow color that you had used on the crease. This will enormously smoke out your eyes.

You don’t need to buy an expensive product because drugstore mascaras are also effective. Apply mascara on your lower lashes as well. Use black mascara if you have black lashes and dark brown mascara if you have light hair.

If you don’t like the shortness of your eyelashes, use eyelash glue to attach fake lashes and blend it with your real lashes using mascara.


Put a brush into your loose powder and dab the powder under your eyes to remove any eyeshadow droppings. Apply a bronzer that is about two shades darker than your skin to contour your face.

Start with your forehead, move toward the cheekbone, to below your jawline, creating a three on both sides. Blend it in using a brush until you have a smooth finish.


Too many pictures are taken at an event, which means that it is essential to apply blush to add color to your face. Choose a blush color suited for your skin, but if you want a natural look, choose a baby pink color.


Apply lip balm to moisturize your lips and then blot the balm off. Use a lip liner to define your lips. Since you are going to a fancy event, apply a bold lip color as your lipstick. Use a tissue to remove excess color.

Apply the compact foundation powder at this juncture to ensure your makeup look is even. Use a powder that is right for your skin tone.

Setting Spray

Use setting spray to set everything to ensure nothing moves. The setting spray ensures your makeup stays on for long without retouching it. Hold the spray a foot away from your face. After setting, apply highlighter on top of your cheeks to give you a glowing effect.

Applying your own makeup should not be a cumbersome task. Do not miss any fancy event because you can’t find a makeup artist in time. Use the above steps and create a fantastic look for your next fancy event. 

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