Why your car rental agreement is getting expensive?

Why your car rental agreement is getting expensive

A rental car gives you numerous advantages as compared to waiting for public transport or paying a higher cab fee each time you want to go some place. How come your wallet is empty even after lots of savings? It’s probably the hidden cost that keeps on coming back especially when you’re unaware. Check out the list provided below to get you prepared beforehand.

Your credit card might be deducting insurance policy

Each time with vehicle rental, company would offer you an expensive option to cover possible damage, it’s known as car rental insurance. It’ll cost you somewhere between $10 and $25 per day that’s an obligation even if you don’t need auto insurance. Credit card companies are rather an exception providing coverage against these additional costs however make certain before pulling the deal. Some credit card companies may limit coverage or don’t provide the option at all accruing certain expense. Do some research and talk personally to a customer care representative.

Damage cost may not be covered by your credit card

While talking to a representative, do ask what they cover. A few companies tend to cover up damages incur on the rental car but not the overall fees as gauged by rental company. Expect higher fee so better come prepare to avoid last minute hassle.

Pay more if your kids are driving

Car rental isn’t an advantage if you or anyone driving the vehicle is under 25. For long, companies wouldn’t even let to drivers under 21 especially if you rent a car in Doha, Qatar. Still, youngsters do so only at the expense of paying a much heavier rent as compared to usual range. In-fact, daily fee is charged for young renters (usually under 25 years) upon registration. But this hasn’t stopped youths from renting, the trend continues on.

Extra fees for extra drivers

Even if drivers are over 25 years old, registration of more than one will cost extra however the rule may vary from a country to another. One must be careful about number of drivers as for a long road trip, two are registered mostly.

Unpaved road is going to be expensive

You might’ve missed a few crucial details when company representative was briefing over rules and regulations. One thing you should pay attention to is the rule over driving on unpaved roads. It’s likely to cause certain damage to the rental car like scraps and dings, loosen wires and joints due to constant jerks, flat tires so on. That makes it all the more important to drive on a smooth track and it goes double for young and enthusiastic drivers. Keep your adventurous side contained with a rental car!

Gas at the rental company is more expensive

On your way to return back the vehicle? You’ll probably stop at a local gas station for refill and this’ll cost you more than imagine. Most car rental companies include it in their rental agreement to full the gas tank before turning in the car. What’s more frustrating is the price that’s more than usual as compared to normal fuel charges!

Airport rental services are indeed classy

When travelling by air, car rental at the terminal is sure to give you a surcharge for airport fee. It’s a legal obligation vested on car rental services which they’ve to follow. Still, car hire at Doha airport is comparably inexpensive as compared to airport services at other places. Lest any inconvenience, grab a shuttle and head downtown from where car rental deal is rather economical.


Now that you know where all the savings are consumed, better be careful with your next car rental agreement.

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